About Us

MRL is a vibrant community based, volunteer-driven organisation sharing and fostering our:


Empowering people to protect and restore the natural environment of the Mooloolah river.


We envision a future where our community works together to improve the health of the Mooloolah River, its catchment and the natural ecosystems of the Sunshine Coast.

Core Values​​

Advocacy and respect for the natural environment:  We passionately advocate for the health of the River and the lands around it.  We consider the environmental consequences of our actions and strive at all times to make as small an environmental footprint as possible and encourage others to do the same. 

Inclusiveness:  We work with a collaborative and inclusive spirit to embrace those who work with us, encourage engagement and volunteerism,  foster discussion and give all members and partners the opportunity to become stewards.

Integrity: We are committed to ensuring that all we do is in keeping with our values and in keeping with high ethical standards.

MRL nursery

Our Team

We are nature-lovers, native plant fanatics, wildlife enthusiasts and everything in between!  By propagating native plants, producing bugs for biocontrol, monitoring water quality, delivering our projects, and providing administrative support, our professional staff and  passionate volunteers contribute their skills, knowledge and commitment to our cause.   

We all share a passion for improving the environment and believe that many small actions can make big changes to our catchment’s health.

The Committee

Our Staff

Peter Shuttleworth

COORDINATOR & Catchment Officer

Ewen Maddock Dam Source Protection Program

Marc Russell

Nursery Manager

Plant Guru

Jessica Raintree

ProJECTS & Community Engagement Officer

Bug lady

Suzanne Wilson

Nursery 2IC

Seed Collector with a passion for wildflowers

Karen Meers

Admin & ACCOUNTS Officer

Nature lover with a tendency to organise

Leesa Beutel
Biocontrol Assistant

Bird Lady

Ethan Mimnaugh

NURSERY assistant

Paul Storer

Water Quality Monitoring Officer

Water quality guru

Our history

 In 1997, concerned about the declining water quality of the river,  a small team of local environmentalists with the support of the Mooloolah community established Mooloolah River Waterwatch.  

Now called Mooloolah River Landcare (MRL),  our organisation plays an important role in raising awareness and protecting the water resources of the Mooloolah River catchment.  Our  enthusiastic volunteers bring their time, efforts, and commitment to fulfilling our purpose and carrying out our activities. 

MRL partners with Sunshine Coast Council, Seqwater,  Landcare groups and other organisations to maintain and enhance Mooloolah River as a healthy waterway. 

Since 2004 MRL has benefitted from the generous  support of Holcim which provides our facilities. Located on Steve Irwin Way, our facilities include offices, meeting space,  native plant nursery (opened in 2005), and more recently the Sunshine Coast Biocontrol Facility. 

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