Volunteering and Vacant Positions


Being a volunteer at MRL is an ideal way to take direct action in protecting and enhancing your environment.

We are a volunteer-driven organisation.  A typical day volunteering at our Native Nursery or Biocontrol Facility involves working with like-minded people, a long-ish morning tea with plenty of laughs and lively conversation, along with some potting up, propagation, seed sorting or bug collecting.  Volunteers are also needed for administrative, communication and outreach activities.  Structure your volunteering to suit your commitments by offering just a few hours or a full day.  Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds, from university students to retirees, sharing a love for the environment and a passion for making a difference. 

We value life skills and are interested in yours! Please contact us or come down to MRL  to see how you can help. 

Our Management Committee always needs volunteers to help with the many administration roles required to keep our wonderful organisation operating.

Our Management Committee meetings are open, and we welcome interested people to attend. Committee meetings are held on the second Wednesday each month, at 4pm at MRL, Glenview.  For more information or if you would like to attend, please contact the Management Committee secretary: secretary@mrwl.org.au

Vacant Positions

There are no positions currently available.