One Seed at a Time

With initial funding from the Australian Geographic Society,  our One Seed at a Time program is collecting seeds for our native species nursery to offer more variety for the increasing demand for native plants not only in residences and businesses, but also in landscape restoration initiatives.

 Our  ‘seeds to trees and plants’ of native species is contributing  to  the restoration of the biodiversity of the Mooloolah catchment. 

The Australian Geographic Society grant provided the resources to improve  our seed collection methods under the guidance of a locally renowned Botanist Ann Moran.  

Activities included a workshop and several information sessions for staff, volunteers and conservation students on seed collection protocols, sustainable and environmentally sound harvesting, seed identification, selection and collection.

We honed our knowledge through seed collection forays in the Mooloolah River catchment.  Depending on the type of seed, back in the nursery processing our  seeds included heat, smoke, soaking and scarification. 

Although the Australian Geographic Society funding has ended,  our ‘One Seed at a Time’  program is continuing with seed collection training and monthly seed collection events in the catchment.   If you are interested  – please join us! Contact: