Strengthening Resilience: Planting natives and managing invasives on the Mooloolah River

Strengthening Resilience of the Mooloolah River

This Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery project will enhance the resilience of the Critically Endangered Lowland subtropical rainforest by reducing the threats and risks to the upper catchment of the Mooloolah River: land spillage, erosion and sedimentation, loss of habitat and pernicious invasive species. In response to these threats, the Strengthening Resilience initiative will focus on planting native species, delivering strategic weed control activities on Weeds of National Significance (WoNS) including biological control releases for Madeira Vine (Anredera cordifolia) and Cats Claw Creeper (Dolichandra unguis-cati) bred at our facility, and citizen science field events that will engage people in activities such as weeding, planting, seed collection, water monitoring and releasing biocontrol agents.

We would love to hear from landholders located in the upper catchment (Mooloolah Valley, Glenview and Diamond Valley) who are interested in improving their riparian areas, especially if they have riparian areas with lowland subtropical rainforest. Contact Karen to discuss the project in more detail and find out if your property is suitable:

This Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Project has been supported by the Australian Government’s Bushfire Recovery Program for Wildlife and their Habitat.

Critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest in Mooloolah Valley